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Bad smells in the home are caused by bacteria. If you kill the bacteria, you will kill the smell. Our deodorising service uses the latest Fogging technology combined with the best sanitizing & deodorizing products available today. The system vaporizes the chemical agent and spreads it around the area with an ultra fine 100% dry smoke / fog which leaves no sticky residue. The agent thereby reaches every nook and cranny within the area and destroys bacteria and removes unpleasant odours on a molecular level, we will fog any areas including vehicles leaving them clean and smelling fresh.
Many viruses & bacteria are air borne. Others colonize on surfaces. The chemical agent we use destroys both air & surface based infections in one application. It is designed to attack harmful bacteria whilst allowing good bacteria to thrive, so blocking the further development of transient harmful bacteria. It attacks & destroys bacteria such as E.coli & MRSA, whilst completely killing all odours including tobacco, mould / damp, sweat, pet smells & dairy products. Each agent has a scent so, as well as killing the odours, it leaves a lasting fragrance. Our Fogging Service provides a cost effective, permanent solution to bad odours. It is completely safe for humans & animals & is environmentally friendly.

To enquire about our deodorising service, call 0845 094 3598 or contact us via our quick enquiry form.

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