Prison Cell Cleaning

Prison Cell Cleaning Chester – Prison Cell Cleaning Merseyside

Prisons, or holding cells, and police vehicles are often scenes of numerous bio-hazard incidents commonly known as ‘dirty protests’. These indecent acts normally involve defecation, urination, vomit and can include traces of blood, performed in a cell or vehicle by the detainee. These bodily fluids can carry a high risk of infectious diseases and require specialist cell cleaning to be dealt with in a safe, quick and efficient manner avoiding the spread of infectious bacteria.
Nirvana’s police and prison cell cleaning service delivers a very quick response to the hazardous incident, warranting the cell or area is safely disinfected with the removal of all hazardous bodily fluids and that they are disposed of correctly.

To enquire about our prison and police cell cleaning service, call 0845 094 3598 or email

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