Squats & Drug Dens

Squats Cleaning Chester – Drug Den Cleaning Chester & North West UK

Squats and drug dens present a nasty hazard which should be dealt with by highly specialised cleaning companies equipped to handle problems associated with such hazards. Squats are usually in a frightful state when we are called out to clear them. Once we have cleared the area, including a sharps sweep, we thoroughly clean, remove and dispose of the hazardous waste ensuring the property is returned appropriately.
We work with our local authorities, police, housing associations and landlords. We will work with you to resolve the hazardous problems you may be experiencing with squats and drug dens and aim to leave your property clean and clear of hazard for good future use.
Nirvana employees are professionally trained and we are certified by National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners (NACSC), so you can be sure the clean-up will be done safely and quickly.

To enquire about our specialist cleaning service, call 0845 094 3598 or contact us via our quick enquiry form.

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