Toilet Cleaning

Toilet cleaning Chester – Toilet cleaning services Chester & North West UK

Our professional cleaning team will thoroughly clean your washroom area ensuring all odours and dirt harbouring bacteria are removed. Our deep cleaning service sanitises your toilets including urinals, wash surfaces, floors and walls and any other fixtures in your washrooms. We sanitise all these areas plus routinely check the grouting and sealants and ensure any areas requiring a repair are brought to your attention, minimising the spreading of bacteria.

Although daily cleaning means effective control of dirt collecting on surfaces and spreading of bacteria, a deep washroom clean will keep your washrooms hygienically clean and is an essential part of proper maintenance and prevention of harmful and contagious germs such as MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella spreading to and between your visitors.

We are a trusted deep cleansing company focussing our attention to decontaminating schools and nursing homes, to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that cause infections like MRSA and Norovirus. Our reliable service and exceptional standards of cleaning allow you to meet your pupils and patients health and safety obligations. Our flexible approach means we can decontaminate your school or nursing home with minimum disruption and arrange to work around your commitments and schedules. If required we will provide you with a CRB (DBS) check for our staff.

To enquire about our washroom cleaning and deep cleaning  services, call 0845 094 3598 or email

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